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Judge Barreiro has granted FaSinPat control over the factory for a period of one year

On Tuesday, Judge Barreiro resolved to recognize the Zanon workers' cooperative, FaSinPat, and awarded it the administration of the factory for a period of one year. By doing so, the judge took an intermediate position between the workers (who, according to the Rio-Negro newspaper, were demanding two years of control) and the factory's receivers (who had recommended six months).

Yesterday the Zanon workers were carefully studying this ruling - a 15-page document - in a general assembly in the factory. Mariano Pedrero, the workers' lawyer, told the Rio-Negro newspaper that he did not want to express his opinion before carefully examining this extensive and complicated document. Pedrero suggested, however, that even though the control of the factory was given to FaSinPat for one year, the judge imposed important conditions on the workers' administration. One of these conditions is the reduction of the period of workers' control in case there are problems with future evictions. If the workers do not accept this ruling they may file an appeal via two different legal processes.

This ruling arrives at a moment of high political tension in Argentina, as national midterm elections are scheduled for this coming Sunday. Alberto Fernandez, Chief of the Ministerial Cabinet, did not meet with the workers on Monday in spite of his promise over the weekend to do so. His reasons are unknown, but it was suggested that he experienced agenda problems related to the political campaign for the upcoming elections.

By Fernando Rouaux, based on information in the article "Ofrecen por un ano la fabrica a los ceramistas" in Rio-Negro On-line. To read the full article in Spanish go to:

A statement from the workers regarding this newest development in their struggle is expected to be released soon.

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