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Grassroots materials

Materials for Press and grassroots organizations

We have included lots of customizable goodies to help you organize events that promote the issues raised in the film & encourage discourse & action in your community!

Here you will find posters & flyers in jpeg, pdf, & gif formats to promote your Take-related event. Organize a group to go see the film in theatres & discuss the issues afterwards! If you're an expert on worker rights, cooperatives, or economic alternatives or know of someone who is, why not organize a formal panel discussion or forum after one of the screenings in a nearby location? Pass out flyers at the theatre, encourage movie-goers to get involved & find out more information.

Click on the links below to download customizable flyers, posters & e-flyers, add the information for your city or event & make copies to help spread the word.

Download and Print Flyers:

  • Color Flyer - Front (JPG 3900kb)
  • B&W Flyer - Front (JPG 2353kb)
  • Color or B&W Flyer - Back (JPG 636kb)
  • Color 8.5x11 Flyer - Front & Back (PDF 206kb)
  • Download and Print Posters, etc:

  • Color Take Poster (JPG 3601kb)
  • B&W Take Poster (JPG 2258kb)
  • Color Take Poster (PDF 853kb)
  • The Take: Logo - PSD | JPG
  • Email the eFlyer:

  • The Take eFlyer (GIF 116kb)
  • Grassroots Reading Materials:

  • The Take: Film Synopsis - PDF | Word
  • The Take: Discussion Questions - PDF | Word
  • Pictures:

  • Photos can be downloaded from our Gallery

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