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The Silent Revolution by Marcelo Ballve - Orion

Occupied Factory Movement In Argentina. By Marie Trigona - Znet

Out of the ordinary. By Naomi Klein - The Guardian

Bite Back! The Return of the Co-Op: The Pollen and the Bees. By Joseph Huff-Hannon - The New Internationalist

Working Without Bosses: Women are playing a major role in the revolutionary Argentine workers' initiative of taking over factories By Marcela Valente - Inter Press News Service Agency.

Taking care of business: Oliver Balch assesses the challenges facing firms taken over by their workforces amid Argentina's economic meltdown. The Guardian.

Argentina's collapse: How some Argentines are saving their jobs... from The Economist.


La Vaca is a collective of fabulous independent journalists in Buenos Aires. They've written a book, Sin Patron, about the recovered company movement that includes a contact list of all the factories, what they produce, how many workers they have, their exact legal situation, etc.

Esteban Magnani, "El Cambio Silencio" (The Silent Change) Esteban Magnani was one of our core crew members in Argentina. He subsequently wrote a book about the movement called “El Cambio Silencio” - The Silent Change. He has lots of info on his website in English.


El Calzado Cooperative
Echan los Patrones! Recuperated Factory Workers and Unemployed Worker Movements in Argentina come to share experiences with workers in North America.
Petition for Zanon Workers on
Guide to the factory movement in Argentina
Women's Kniting Coop Argentina
Znet's Argentina Watch
IF WatchNet
Zanon Workers's Site
Argentina IndyMedia
US Federation of Worker's Cooperatives
Argentina Autonomistas
We Are Everywhere
Esteban Magnani
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Partnerships With People in the South -
Partnerships For Global Change -
Promote Workable Alternatives -
Expose Sweatshop Abuses -
Rights of Low Income Citizens -
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Research, Education, Advocacy, Action -
Fighting Back Makes A Difference -
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Cooperative Social Economy -
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Economic justice in the Americas -
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Worker cooperatives of the United States -
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Protect Worker Rights -
Educate. Organize. Activate. -
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Enhance Political Dialogue -
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Moving Social Justice Forward -
Promote Direct Democracy -
Protect Indigenous Rights -
Orchid Salad - a slide show of Buenos Aires By Marc Mounier-Kuhn

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